New Year



"Buhai" -  the instrument which imitates the sound of a bull

On the  New Year's Eve, groups of young people wish everyone a prosperous New Year full of hope with the traditional expression "multi ani" which is a wish for longevity.      Instruments accompany the verses spoken by the young people:  the sounds of bells, a whip and a"Buhai" ("the bull", an instrument which imitates the sound of a bull when pulling his tail or the sound of a horse when pulling on his mane with wet hands).  On New Year's morning, the children of each family will sow seeds of wheat on the threshold of the house and wish the family prosperity and health. According to tradition, if a boy is the first to cross the threshold of the house on New Year's Day, the family will be lucky all year.    Girls are not welcome to cross the threshold first because it is said that they do not bring good luck.

People also gather in local halls of the village to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.    They are joined by groups of dancers from surrounding villages who have a rich tradition to share.   These visiting people are dressed and masked for a dance representing the bear, goat, and small horses.

In the photos below, people from the nearby village of Bosanci come to present their wishes to the village of Ipotesti. Their singing and dancing create a great atmosphere in the streets.




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