Gregor's Hostiuc history


The family of Gregor Hostiuc (1881-1953)...
son of Georgi Hostiuc and Stefana Curec
 from Ipotesti

was found (August 2007)

Gregor Hostiuc, on the right

Hostiuc Gregor 1881-1953. 18 years old, no. 16 on the SS Alice passenger list. He landed Triste for New York on the ship SS Alise (Oct 13- Nov 1st 1907).  His real age was 26. He was the son of Georgi Hostiuc who was the son of Ioan of Yosif from Ipotesti and Stefana Curec probably from Tisautz.  He declared himself to be "in transit" towards his final destination of Montreal, Canada where he had a friend Tanasi Schaffer who lived at 391 Lawrence Street. After nearly a year in Canada, he entered the US at Michigan.  He traveled to Ohio where he had a job waiting for him.  He married Carolina Nickley and had 4 children -- 3 sons and 1 daughter.  Although he was a shepherd in his youth in Romania, he was a carpenter by trade in America.   He spoke 7 languages.  In America, his name was "Gregor Hostiuck".  He never returned to Ipotesti but wrote to his fatther George there via a man named Herman Rangos, probably a Jewish settler, who lived in the mountain foothills village of Gura Humorului. Hi died in Ohaio US at 72 years old.

Gregor had several brothers and sisters who remained in Ipotesti.  His younger brother was Stefan, born in 1895, who married Varvara Antoniac in 1920.  Another brother, Nicolai, born in 1877, was married in 1914 to Marfta, the daughter of Demetrie Andries of Tisautz..

Manifest Gregor Hostiuc                      SS Alice


Gregor HOSTIUC with his grand daughter Patricia,
photo  1950-53

After the death of her grandfather in 1953, Patricia had only one wish: to find this family in Ipotesti.

The place where Gregor Hostiuc was born and grew up
photo before 1953

 Gregor's Hostiuc family

1 - father Georgi, 2- mother Stefana nee Curec, 3- sister Domnica & 4- brother (in near) Toader Crasi, 5- brother Nicolai, 6- brother  Stefan, 7- sister Maria & 8 her husband, 9-a uncle (photo taken before 1922, Stefan died that year)


In 2006, by consulting the old files of the village city hall, we found more info about Gregor's brothers and sisters

In August 2007 twe had the invaluable help of Mr. D. Guliciuc who identified the house in the photo taken before 1953 and its current owner. To be certain of our discovery we sought the opinion of a very old person in the village, Mr. Leonte Bucaciuc, born in 1912. Without much difficulty, recognized  in our photo Gregor's brothers Nicolai nr. 5 and Stefan nr.6 who was  Varvara's (Fatzko) first husband, deceased in 1922

Mr. D. Guliciuc

Mr. Leonte Bucaciuc
born in 1913

The landscape of the photo taken before 1953 changes a little but the  old city hall building is still in the same place (on the left)...

Georgi's traditional house was inherited by his younger son, Stefan, deceased in 1922 and was demolished. The current house was built by Varvara, the Stefan's wife.


Looking for Mr. Leonte Bucaciuc

We find him

Mr. Leonte Bucaciuc


Gregor's sister, Domnica, married to Toader Crasi,  had  a grand daughter who is my neighbor in Ipotesti...


 Domnica Hostiuc's baptism certificate

Domnica Hostiuc born in 1887

Dionizie Crasi (1912-1984), Domnica's son,

Nicolai born in 1877 is Gregor's older brother. He married   Marghioala, nee Horbaniuc, in 1904 and they had 4 children: Dumitru (Nicolaisca) 1906-1986, Grigore, Eugenia and Veronica. His wife died  and in 1914 he was married again to Marfta Andries from Tisauti. They didn't have children

Dumitru (on the left) was a shoe-maker, Grigore lived in Austria

Stefan (1895-1922), Gregor's younger brother, was married to Varvara. They had a daughter, Silvia (1921-2007)

Silvia (1921-2007)

Silvia & her husband Traian Hladiuc


Pat & George Hofmann




Message from Patricia:

On behalf of myself and our family I would like to thank Maritza Hreniuc,
Mr.Dumitru Guliciuc, Mr. Leonte Bucaciuc and everyone who helped to find the
family of Gregor Hostiuck. What a enormous gift you have given us as there
would have been no way that we could have accomplished this task from
America. This has been my fondest dream come true. Each of you will always
hold a special place in my heart.

I pray that those who have not yet found their families will do so soon and
that they too will have the chance to get acquainted with their families in

God Bless all of you.

Pat Hofmann
Indiana, USA


Many Thanks to all those who contributed to finding this family
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