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 1921- High school Suceava-students from Ipotesti High-school, students in 1923 The class of professor Cucu
 in 1935
School uniforms in 1960 The class of Mrs. Oresia Cibereac in 1964


The Choral society, one tradition... 1938-1965

The choral society on the Czernovitz streets in  1939 Czernovitz 1939 Cernauti 1939  Gulia Manole playing mandolin, Drados Iremiciuc the accordion in 1960 The choral society in Arini (Suceava), directed by Eugen Lupascu, 1960
1962 1963 1964 1966 1970



The girls dance, 1939


Gulia Manole

Local performing folk arts troupe in 1949 animated by Oresia Cibereac



1958 Ukrainian dancers group
in 1964
 Another in1965 The first Lukan's mandolin society in Ipotesti School mandolin society in1965 1966 1970


In the past, at age 16, teens are accompanied by theyr parents to a special dance or ball for their formal entrance into society. Sons are accompanied by their father and daughters by their mothers,
The Father and the Son ,1938

1970 - Vasile Hreniuc Sculi (1947-2003)
Gicu Lukan (1935-2001)
Professor, writer, musician, he was the founder of mandolin society from Ipotesti


Young people of the years 1920

Stela (Lucan), Vicuta pistac, Zina pauiutzia, Zina latca, years '50
Olimpia Hladiuc, Miss Suceava 1929
(photo in 1930)
The cousines Eufrozina, Mafta & Maria Gulei 1919


Young people of the years 1940

Aglaia Hreniuc nee Iatcu
Elena Hladiuc, nee Crasi Silvia Hladiuc nee Hostiuc Verutza Rozalia Crasi nee Chibici
photo in 1942


Gheorghi Bucaciuc Clocenca & Traian Hladiuc Gheorghe Sainiuc Polovec on the right Elena Hladiuc, nee Crasi Trifon Hostiuc Latca &
 Elisaveta Hreniuc in 1940
Traian Hladiuc in the middle,  Ilie Hreceniuc Hagiu on the right


Verutza & Lola Veronica Sainiuc nee Hostiuc on the right   Gheorghi Hladiuc, Gheorghi Stoleri, Horbaniuc Caus Young people of the years '30


  Sitting down Gheorghe Hreniuc Sculi & Gheorghe Sainiuc Polovec      

And later...

  Riders from Ipotesti participating in the medieval theatre, at the medieval castle ruins in Suceava -photo in  1960 During the national day The mayor, the secretary, the post-man, the police men...'60  



During '70


tzuica??years '90

Years '60: Crasi Leonte & Elisaveta, Pamfir & Dutzuca, Hladiuc Nicolai & Ileana



La praznic ('60)

Dramba Dimitrie & Eufrozina (Ziurzea from the lan) with family

George Bucaciuc, Ghivegalo

Dramba Dimitrie & Eufrozina (Ziurzea from the lan) with family

In the village, years '60


To the weding, years'60


On the school, 1963


One trip, 1967


Maria & Traian Bucaciuc,


To Vighenca years 1960


Woomens from Ipotesti, years '60



With my grand-mother 1960

years '60

The Focus home?



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